Empower your business in an ever-changing digital landscape

Create scalable and sustainable digital experiences with all the features you need to save you time and boost your productivity.


Delivering a code-efficient and reliable solution.

Imagine a fully customizable cloud-based DXP that empowers developers to build robust end-to-end solutions. That’s Expresia!

Designed to enhance any business.

Expresia unifies web content management with out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions to meet complex digital demands.

A sustainable cutting-edge digital solution.

Expresia is more than a leading platform for digital-first businesses. It’s an investment into a robust long-term asset.



Why Expresia

Harnessing the power of RESTful API

Get an independent and integrated workflow through our extensible Restful API that gives you access to everything Expresia. Easily connect to third party APIs and build powerful experiences.

Harnessing the power of RESTful API


Seamlessly customize your content

Make your digital experience stress-free. You can leverage the flexibility of Content Playlists to customize how your content looks and behaves.

Seamlessly customize your content


Code-efficient and high quality

If you want full-stack developer superpowers, you want Expresia. Why settle with standard DXP technology when you can deliver cutting-edge digital initiatives?

Code-efficient and high quality
A Perfect Software

Expresia is for

Bring a consistent workflow to your dev team through our unique Bundles that aggregate code into unified and portable containers.

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Build an improved customers experience with our reliable and flexible DXP.

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Reduce the amount of redundant work you do with our robust DXP.

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As you grow, Expresia's robust technology keeps up with how your business scales so you won't have to shift from platform to platform.

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Digital transformation is not a sprint, it's a marathon

Access forward-thinking technology and reliable support specialists dedicated to helping businesses level up their apps and sites.


Pay-as-you-go pricing

Start creating your digital experience FREE with up to 100,000 API requests/month. Then just pay for what you use, nothing extra!

  • 100k

    Up to 100k API Requests
  • 250k

    Up to 250k API Requests
  • 500k

    Up to 500k API Requests
  • 1 M

    Up to 1 Million API Requests
  • 2 M

    Up to 2 Million API Requests
  • 5 M

    From 2-5 Million API Requests



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