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Focus on marketing, Expresia takes care of the rest

You don’t need to be a coding whiz to experiment with Expresia. With our features such as the Front End Editor 2.0 anyone can bring their ideas to life as wonderful digital experiences

Focus on marketing, Expresia takes care of the rest
DXP for Marketers

Expresia goes beyond the standard DXP

With a vast roster of clients, we’ve been committed to developing a vigorous all-in-one platform made to evolve your digital strategy. Forget website builders and build the marketing experience your customers will remember.

Reduce the amount of redundant work

Expresia works consistently across the board, which means you can use the same agile processes and tools across all your projects. Content Playlists let you mix content any way you like and the best part is you only have to create it once.

Reduce the amount of redundant work
Embrace a unified approach

Embrace a unified approach

Running your digital projects shouldn’t be done in different silos. Expresia addresses full digital ecosystems with a unified strategy, from content to eCommerce to product development to marketing.


Getting smart with SEO

Our custom SEO fields can help you achieve your search strategy goals beyond keywords. This is onpage optimization at its finest!

Achive single-buyer journey freedom

Achive single-buyer journey freedom

A single source of content for your sales channels. Content Personalization. Multilingual and multi-currency frameworks. Marketing automation. Expresia has it all.


Out-of-the-box digital transformation

With Expresia, we unite eCommerce, content and development in one hub to make your worklife much easier to manage. Create the ultimate long-term asset and future-proof your company.

Transform your digital business

An all in one solution for


Eliminate frictions in search experiences

Customize the search experience to connect your users with what they really want. Offer them autosuggestions and a landing page to capture the results of their search terms.


Design your own WorkOS with My Business

Streamline your daily processes with tailored workflows made to fit your business needs.


Create and share content from any device with headless content management

Create full omnichannel experiences and enjoy the freedom to use your content in as many channels as you want.


Manage your product's media library

Manage all your digital assets in one place and reuse them in every corner of your digital ecosystem. Easily drag and drop multimedia in the Media Explorer to upload and update multimedia, and create metadata to improve SEO.


Create once and deliver everywhere

With Expresia Content Playlists streamline content management through a single source. Organize your assets into simple and manageable groups and display them in multiple places


Customize your content´s look & feel

Content teams can alter the design, layout and/or content of the Content Playlists via custom display settings, which are delivered and fully customizable by Developers.


Streamline different price points via user group categorization

Customize not only pricing but any content with user groups-specific product attributes.


Easily manage product life cycle

Easily tag and categorize your eCommerce products. Manage your product catalog as it changes.


Create the perfect checkout experience

Build a smooth cart and checkout experience and captivate your customer and iterate to perfection in the most critical part of the eCommerce experience.


Easily set up compeling deals and offers

Launch promotions, discounts and deals all while tracking their performance

Oval photograph of a resort with palm trees

Expresia platform helped them digitize, automate, and improve

White Key specializes in luxury hospitality with a collection of the finest rental villas in Greece. It was imperative that their clients’ first touchpoint, with their brand, provided an equally impressive experience regardless of which avenue the client first viewed from. They needed more than just an extensive website, so they chose Expresia to deliver a variety of personalized digital applications and integrations that automated their business and took their enterprise to the next level. Courtesy of: BACKBONE

You Don’t Need To Be A Web Professional To Harness The Benefits Of Expresia.

You Don’t Need To Be A Web Professional To Harness The Benefits Of Expresia.

Expresia is truly for everyone, giving your entire team a comprehensive platform to unlock the digital potential of your business assets.