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Start fast, work efficiently and take your best stuff from project to project.

We deliver a thoroughly Integrated Development Environment (IDE) where devolopers can create portable code Bundles, equipped with versioning and code control.

Extensible and consistent API.

Extensible and consistent API.

Easily manage content, ecommerce, user accounts and more than 180 types of objects within Expresia with unified semantics. Virtually no edge cases and always up-to-date documentation. That's what we call an elegant API.

Cloud architecture you can trust.

Cloud architecture you can trust.

Security and reliability are integral to Expresia’s foundation. We check the box on infrastructure and support, including autoscaling, back ups, security patches and 24/7 monitoring. That gives you peace of mind and the bandwidth to focus on key tasks.

Go live quick, stay live steadily.

Go live quick, stay live steadily.

With our quick signup process and out-of-the-box architecture, your developer team can bring your digital experiences to market quickly and efficiently.

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Empowering devs

Giving dev teams a common language to build stunning digital projects.

Expresia’s SSJS saves developers time by taking care of DevOps, providing dynamic workflows, and giving them a common, all-encompassing language to collaborate. 

Innovate and scale with Expresia

Confident scaling & sustainability

Innovate and scale with Expresia

As your company scales up, Expresia grows with you, allowing you to develop projects of any size with our extensible framework.Our technology is robust enough to tackle any initiative you launch.

Don’t stress about support

Great Service Level Agreements

Don’t stress about support

We're here for you, every step of the way. Our service-level agreements cover 99.9% of uptime, from cloud management to security patches at no extra cost, and we take care of every nuance of our DXP so you have one less obligation to worry about.

Transform your digital business

An all in one solution for


Manage your product's media library

Manage all your digital assets in one place and reuse them in every corner of your digital ecosystem. Easily drag and drop multimedia in the Media Explorer to upload and update multimedia, and create metadata to improve SEO.


Manage your team’s roles and create your own workflows

Control who gets to do what in Expresia by assigning users to different permissions groups. Avoid accidental deletions, publications and changes by putting the right functionality in the right hands.


Easily grant permissions and track user activity logs

Trace the actions of every user throughout all of the stages of your project, and never loose track of changes again.

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2000+ transactions, processed through Expresia’s eCommerce platform.

After Vancouver Coastal Health enacted lockdowns that shuttered in-person dining at restaurants across the region, many restaurants were forced to rely on existing delivery platforms but the fees were too high to survive. One of those restaurants decided to do something about it. They needed a low-cost online delivery service that would be both frictionless and scalable, plus they needed to go from zero to launch immediately. The solution? Expresia. Courtesy of: BACKBONE

Our technology is scalable, making it sustainable for the future and ideal for businesses of any size.

Our technology is scalable, making it sustainable for the future and ideal for businesses of any size.

Developers can harness our customizable tools, creatives can work seamlessly within a team, and your customers will be blown away by your new digital presence.