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With our tech, ballet meets digital-first capabilities

The site's statistics speak for themselves:


Average reduction in bounce rate

+2 min

Increase in user time on site engagement


Increase in overall visitability from direct, search, social and referrals


At the vibrant intersection of traditional art and cutting-edge technology, the National Ballet School (NBS) embarked on a transformative journey that rewrote the playbook for digital prowess in the arts sector. Leveraging our AWS cloud, agile API integrations, and customized marketing strategies, NBS achieved a radical improvement in website performance, resulting in plummeting bounce rates and skyrocketing user engagement.


This metamorphosis was remarkably accelerated by Expresia's intervention, compressing what could have been a six-month to year-long odyssey into a single month. But speed wasn't the only triumph; it was the artistry and precision of execution; NBS's modular site masterfully maneuvered content through Expresia's playlists. With some 50 custom modules and an optimized search function that scans titles, descriptions, and meta tags with laser-like precision, NBS's digital transformation is a testament to what's possible when art meets innovation.

The client

The National Ballet School (NBS)  isn't just about classical dance; it's a dynamic fusion of tradition and innovation! Nestled in Toronto, NBS is a digital beacon in Canada's ballet landscape, leveraging modern techniques to train and elevate the next generation of ballet artists. NBS modernized its digital footprint by transitioning from a dated platform to a technologically advanced system powered by Expresia. This transformation enabled NBS to address brand alignment, enhance content management, and improve user navigation.

Expresia optimizes the production back end of any digital development by saving up to 70% of time.

Andrés Bernal, Master developer at Backbone.

Unlocking the rhythm of digital transformation

In the spotlight of digital transformation, NBS faced a pivotal moment. They sought to harmonize their digital presence, refresh their content management, and amplify their voice in the digital world. To achieve this pas de deux of artistry and technology, they needed a proven digital tool.

Creating a content strategy for all

In a bold move, NBS embarked on a mission to redefine their approach to content. They envisioned a strategy that would resonate across diverse demographics, balancing both accessibility and industry-leading excellence. They didn't just want to create another marketing medium; they wanted a dynamic tool that combined SEO savvy with user-centric experiences, ensuring it was poised for growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


NBS's commitment extends far beyond the dance community. Their audience is a tapestry of educators, seniors, benefactors, key players, and their dedicated internal team. In addition, outside of the dance realm, they've actively served third party educational initiatives encompassing public schools and community centers; it's this intricate blend of affiliations that underscores NBS's drive to serve an ensemble as diverse as their needs with their website.

Creating a content strategy for all

Timeline to Go Live

In June 2021, NBS identified a critical need to modernize its digital presence. Their previous position as a promoter of the benefits of dance to the community was clear, but the platform supporting their mission was dated and inflexible. Key issues included a misaligned brand image, challenging navigation, and an inefficient content management system. Enter Expresia in September 2021! With our robust foundation based on Amazon's AWS cloud, we provided NBS with scalable solutions. Yet in the midst of this waltz of innovation, Expresia never loses sight of the sanctity of security, fortifying the NBS platform with timely security updates that enshrine both data protection and user privacy.


At the heart of digital transformation is the ability to manage content, and that's where Expresia really shines, our Dynamic Experience Platform (DXP) goes beyond the simple monitoring of articles to handle a kaleidoscope of content types across multiple collections. Imagine a world where content teams can effortlessly switch between myriad layout designs, thanks to customizable playlists with different skins. That's exactly what NBS has experienced, paving the way for a streamlined workflow without the hassle of development. This symphony of ease and innovation owes its rhythm to Expresia's dynamic modules, each designed as a skin that unleashes an ocean of personalization possibilities. Adding to this magic is the introduction of Expresia's User Groups - intelligently tied to individual logins - that dispense content with surgical precision, tailored to each user, from parents and teachers to volunteers and donors, there are eight well-defined user groups. 

Timeline to Go Live

Expresia's Key features included:

Harnessing the power of Dynamic Data Models, Expresia seamlessly captures complex form data while serving a large and segmented user base. Such meticulous capture methods not only simplify data visualization, but also facilitate data management and retrieval. As a testament to our commitment to holistic digital experiences, our platform offers seamless multi-language support and an unrivaled capacity for multimedia content.


Of particular note is our Custom Fields feature, which pushes the boundaries of traditional content models by offering customization options that go beyond standard database constraints. To further refine this, Custom Fields Profiles elegantly categorize these expansive fields, streamlining both content navigation and back-end management. Every nuance of this personalized methodology was handcrafted specifically for NBS, ensuring a ubiquitous digital footprint across responsive devices.


Digging deeper, Expresia's Global Configuration brings the ability to seamlessly integrate JavaScript files.This not only automates complex user experiences, known as "hooks" in our digital parlance, but also enhances the transactional dynamics of the site. Coupled with our Scheduled Jobs feature, automated tasks resonate in perfect harmony, each calibrated to meet NBS's unique needs.

Expresia's Key features included:

Shaping Digital Successs: By seamlessly integrating the Userway plugin.

By seamlessly integrating the Userway plugin, we've transformed the NBS platform into an embodiment of inclusive design, meticulously aligned with the WCAG 2.1 Level AA benchmarks mandated by the AODA. This integration represents a deep commitment to ensuring that users, including those with visual or mobility impairments, can na